Training Day, Every Day

My visit to the Academy Training and Performance Center was eye opening. I think I can throw down, but after seeing some of the women training, I thought, “She could definitely take me down.” Back to why I was there…

I had the opportunity to visit eleventh grader James Wiggins. Saying that James is serious about his workouts would be an understatement. James is there every day. His mentor, Abs, is highly impressed and shared that James is part of the Academy family. In fact, all of the trainers at the Academy are invested in James. For example, when James has a presentation or a test coming up, they ALL want to know the outcome. There is an investment by both the intern and the mentor, which makes this a perfect match. What does James do at the Academy? Well, he’s not taking out the trash, or doing prancercise for 6 hours.

Because of his hard work and dedication, Abs trusts James and has given him the opportunity to train Sacramento State Athletes, among other clients. James works with baseball players, soccer players, and football players. Abs shared that James isn’t just standing around watching them work out, he is assisting the clients in any way he can. Abs has also allowed James to run the warm-ups, which are made-up of 30+ clients most days. James divides them into smaller groups, sets them up at different stations, and has them rotate through each station. James says he has the warm-up routines down, since he has been doing them for quite some time now. When I asked about the equipment, James said they don’t have the flashy machines, that the Academy is not your 24-hour fitness. As I looked around, he was right; it did not look like an ordinary gym. There weren’t even people in spandex showing off. James made it clear that nobody there is showing off; they are there to work out. And because they all know one another, it makes for a supportive and friendly environment.

In addition to training clients, James also video records training sessions for his mentor. He then takes the videos and edits them, before loading them to all social media outlets his mentor uses. These videos benefit his mentor a great deal. People who are interested in checking out the Academy can view the videos to see what types of workouts they may experience, if they decide to join. James shared some of the videos with me, and it looks like he is enjoying this part of the experience. However, I think the working out part of it is James’ favorite.

James shared that in addition to helping others work out, he works out every day, up to 3 times per day. He sometimes fits in a workout before school (at 6am). I don’t know about you, but I’m asleep at that time. (The only thing that can get me out of bed at 6am is bacon. I don’t think the people who work out at the Academy eat bacon.) James isn’t playing when it comes to his workout regimen. He is dedicated, and says that, “Nobody wants to be trained by someone who doesn’t work out. People see themselves in others.” This is true!

Thanks for the tour, James!

(I’m posting early this month, since we are on spring break next week.  I’m definitely looking forward to a week with my baby Lunita.  My next post will be at the end of the month!)

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