The Horse Whisperer

Who wouldn’t want to spend their Tuesdays and Thursdays horsing around? (Get it? Horses. Horsing around. 🙂 )

I had the pleasure of visiting Amanda Hazen at the Horse Plus Humane Society. Getting there was quite the trip! Her internship is in Newcastle, about 45 minutes outside of Sacramento. There were a few windy roads, so I did get carsick. However, when I pulled up to the site, the carsickness went away. I was out of the city and in the country, breathing fresh air, manure filled, but fresh nonetheless. Before visiting, Amanda had warned me. She told me to wear boots that I “didn’t mind getting dirty.” I searched my closet and, being that I love my shoes, I couldn’t find any that I “didn’t mind getting dirty.” In the end, I went with my camel color Tim’s.  So there I was, walking while sinking into manure filled mud. I didn’t care! I was eager to get to the horses.

The Horse Plus Humane Society is a sanctuary for horses (primarily) and other farm animals that have suffered abuse and neglect. They are there to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt horses into loving homes. Amanda shared that there are several ways the horses end up at the ranch: auction rescue, owner surrender, and sometimes seizure. Amanda has seen many horses come and go, either adopted or euthanized.   It is a sad day when a horse has to be “put down,” and Amanda has had difficulties with that. The rewards, however, outweigh the challenges.

Amanda has been at the site for over a year now, and has worked with several horses. She has rehabilitated a horse named Rosie, who was later adopted, and is currently rehabilitating a horse she adopted.  When Rosie arrived to Horse Plus Humane Society, she was very scared and didn’t trust humans. Rosie didn’t want Amanda to get too close, and would not allow Amanda to walk around her.  Horses are powerful, but also very afraid of humans and what they might do to them.  When Amanda would get too close, Rosie would attempt to hurt her.  She did this out of fear, which is what was expected from an abused and neglected horse.  Amanda spent a lot of time with Rosie.  The rehabilitation process involves hours of petting, grooming, providing love and attention, and eventually riding. Amanda shared that after spending a lot of time with Rosie, she was finally allowed to walk completely around her without being harmed.  This was a great accomplishment, not only for Amanda, but for Rosie as well.

Horse Plus Humane Society is there to rehabilitate horses with an end goal to get them adopted. I am happy to report that Rosie was adopted, thanks to the hard work, love and compassion from Amanda.  She spent every Tuesday and Thursdays with Rosie, and it paid off.  I think if Rosie could talk, she would thank Amanda for giving her a second chance at life.

Amanda’s current project is a horse that she adopted. Some kids bring a cat or a dog home. Not Amanda! She is bringing a horse home. Luckily, Amanda already has horses and farm animals of her own. I think her mama will approve!

Thank you, Amanda Hazen, for giving these neglected and abused animals a human they can trust.

One thought on “The Horse Whisperer

  1. Vince Wolfe says:

    Great job, Amanda, your work has a very deep and real impact. Thanks, Vicky, for doing such a great job capturing the spirit of that internship!


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