Hello, and welcome to The Met Sacramento Internship Blog, where I will feature one Met student per month doing fantastic and authentic work at their internship site.  My name is Victoria Lemus, and I began my tenure at the Met Sacramento High School in the fall of 2005. I served as an advisor and Spanish teacher for six of those years, and as a Spanish teacher and Learning Through Internship Coordinator (LTIC) thereafter.

One of the many perks of being a high school internship coordinator is that I get to visit students at their internship sites.  I have visited students at veterinary clinics, elementary schools, architecture firms, libraries, City Hall, auto shops, etc.  I have visited so many sites that I can’t remember them all.  I tell my friends about them, and often times present about them at schools and recruitment events.  But, I have never written about my experiences.  So here it goes, in true Met Sacramento fashion, I will provide proof of my experiences through written form and photos.

Thanks for reading!