King of the Castle

When I walked in to Cake Castle, I was first greeted by a delicious aroma of cake. I thought I was going to die, being that I have been trying not to eat so much sugar lately. I quickly asked for Steven Stephenson, 9th grade intern, so as to keep myself from buying a cupcake. Trust me, it was on my mind.

Steven Stephenson, (I like saying his whole name), has interned for Cake Castle for almost one academic year now. In that time, Steven has learned a great deal about the cake making business as a whole, from customer service, to decorating cupcakes. His passion began as a young boy wanting to make a cake for his grandmother. Steven says that after he had baked that first cake, he was hooked; he knew he wanted to explore the field of baking.

The tour began in the front of the bakery, where all the baking supplies (for sale) are located. Steven enjoys helping customers. In fact, he says it’s his favorite part of his day when at his internship. One of his co-workers confirmed that Steven is outstanding with the customers. “He is really good at helping people who come into the store and need help.” When I asked him why he liked the front end of things, which have nothing to do with baking, Steven said, “I just like helping people.”

Helping people is not all Steven does at Cake Castle. Most of his day is spent preparing and decorating desserts. He makes cupcakes, cake pops, napoleons, cream puffs, and so many other desserts that smelled so good, I just about died. (I must note that I did not purchase a dessert at this point in the tour.) Steven directed me to the bakery where he showed me his station. He had been working on some cake pops. I wanted him to offer me one, but he didn’t. Four female co-workers watched as I questioned Steven about his work, which made him a little nervous. He shared that his day is usually filled with decorating cupcakes and all other desserts. While he is not responsible for baking the desserts, he does prepare them. For example, a napoleon has many layers of berries and whipped cream that are separated by a pastry. Stephen prepares the layers to perfection, puts them on display in the case, and waits for a sugar addict (like myself) to visit the shop. Steven made almost all of the desserts behind the display counter, with only a few exceptions. I could tell he was very proud of his work, as he should be.

At the end of the tour, we ended up back at the front of the store, in front of the dessert counter. That’s when I caved. I bought a cupcake. It was the most delicious cupcake ever! It was vanilla cake, with a mixed berry filling, and a cream cheese frosting with pecans topping. And guess who made that cupcake! Steven Stephenson!

Thank you, Steven, for the tour and delicious cupcake!

One thought on “King of the Castle

  1. Vince Wolfe says:

    Awesome post, Vicky! Where’s my cupcake?

    Steven, one recommendation: find a way to get Vicky a treat next time – always good to be in her good graces!


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